Kowa Group’s Representative Yoshihiro Miwa

Aiming to Contribute to Building a Prosperous Society through Diversified Business Activities

Kowa has a history of more than 120 years since its founding. We have always strived to read the trends of the times and changes in the environment and adapted our business strategy accordingly.  This is the real source of the power of our Group’s continuation and growth.  Even today, our businesses, aimed to improve peoples’ quality of life, are expanding into widely ranging fields.
Strong global development has occurred not only within our textile business, which we have pursued since our founding, but also in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical fields, which include the ethical drug “Livalo / Livazo Tablet,” whose sales are expanding into the five continents of the world, as well as investments into overseas resource and infrastructure-related businesses in developing countries.
In each business field, we assess changes in people’s lifestyle and powerfully promote product development, pursuit of energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly manufacturing with the purpose of helping people live healthily and joyfully.

We have vertically integrated operations from product planning to production to sales and at the same time expanded our businesses horizontally.  While realizing this goal, Kowa Group’s social mission continues to be to pursue peoples’ happiness and a comfortable and prosperous life style by promoting energy-saving technologies, and the production of environmentally-friendly products.
At the same time, we are reforming and preparing our current businesses to be ready to be succeeded by the next generation thinking 100 or 200 years ahead.  We aim to contribute to the creation of a comfortable and prosperous society through our business activities. I humbly request your further support of Kowa Group’s activities.