We provide products and services that contribute to people’s health and happiness.

We, Kowa Group, is a complex corporate entity that consists of many associated companies centered on Kowa Company, Ltd., and engages in diversified business activities.
In our history of over 100 years since founded in 1894, We have continually made progress based on both steady spirit of manufacturing and the challenging spirit of enterprise.
Aiming to pursue the happiness of people throughout the world and realize their healthy and prosperous living, we will continue to provide products and services through the global network.

Complex corporate entity with functions both as a manufacturer and as a trading company

We present to the world consistent quality from research and development to manufacturing.

One of the core divisions characterizing Kowa Group is health and medical. We provide: New pharmaceutical products for lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia and diseases of sensory organs such glaucoma and ocular hypertension; Medical devices such as intraocular lens (IOL) used in the treatment of cataract; OTC drugs that are familiar to consumers. The global development in these fields driven from Japan has created synergic effect and realized a "hybrid"business model.

From diagnostic device to hygiene merchandise, Kowa is engaged in a wide range of business areas related to health and medical. Our health and medical business is unique in that we are dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing through the wholly-owned subsidiaries. This system enables us to deliver “safer and more secure products.” In Japan and throughout the world, we are enhancing our integrated research and sales networks in order to contribute to people’s health and well-being.

Major Affiliated Companies

We are developing business that will contribute to the formation of an environmentally conscious society.

This is a business established with a focus on the global theme of“environmental safety and energy conservation.”
Our surface lighting of the LED (LUXELA series for office and facilities, LUPINUS series for desk lights, etc.) not only conserves energy but also is gentle on the eyes. This lighting was developed by combining our proprietary optics technology and cutting-edge technologies. Plant cultivation system utilizing LED lighting.
Renewable energy power generation systems.

Through core operations that involve the development and sales of innovative products and systems such as these, we are working to realize a recycling-oriented society.
These activities are carried out not only inside Japan but also at the global level, with overseas offices serving as footholds.
We aim to build a prosperous future by furthering our corporate activities to help build an environmentally conscious society—a growing focus—through our environment and energy conservation businesses.

Major Affiliated Companies

We create and cultivate businesses with partners throughout the world.

Kowa Group has an aspect of a general trading company featuring market development and business participation. By using the global network, we develop new product and service markets while sensing the trends of international conditions and the times.
We handle rare metals, which have been attracting attention in recent years, and mine resources in Chile.

In addition, we are developing, on a global level, various business projects essential for a prosperous future, such as participation in the infrastructure development project as part of a national project, hand in hand with a major corporate group in India; production and supply of activated carbon, an eco-friendly material made from coconut shells in the Philippines; and promotion of energy saving facilities and equipment, looking to the recycling-based society in Japan.
The business development to create new tomorrow starts with our attitude of facing up to new challenges, in close collaboration with our partners around the world.

Major Affiliated Companies

The field of business that creates lifestyles is expanding.

This division aims toward value chain development that is consistent from materials to products, with the union of fashion and ecology as its theme.
Our activity area is greatly expanding to include not only men’s and ladies’ fashion but also functional clothes and both domestic and foreign brands.
Among these activities, our environmentally-friendly brand “TENERITA” is Japan’s first organic cotton products certified by two international certification agencies, which business provides safety and security to customers.

Furthermore, this field of Kowa’s business, which handles general daily life-related products such as home-wear, interior products, and outdoor and fashion goods, is directly expanding into consumers’ lifestyles.

Major Affiliated Companies

We provide diversified products and services with flexible ideas.

In addition to two core businesses, manufacturing and trading, Kowa Group is expanding its activity area to the supply of information and services.
We engage in the development of systems which enable remote control and surveillance of networked devices in a distant place by utilizing machine-to-machine (MtoM) technology based on IT/communications that are indispensable in our modern society.
Also, we conduct businesses aimed to provide “happiness and security” to people’s lives, together with associated companies, some of which being personnel-service business dispatching specialists for medical drugs, and a hospitality business, such as hotel management that aims at refreshing our customers with the best hospitality, spirit and elegance that Japan can boast, is part of our professional activities.

The development of such diversified businesses is not about to slow down; we are moving forward into not only the housing industry through real estate business, but also developing regions as a way of promoting culture and exchange.
Kowa Group – a group that conducts business with flexible ideas according to changes in the times, leads the next generation, and cultivates a prosperous future.

Major Affiliated Companies

Kowa Group

  • Sales436,522 million yen
  • Employees6,735

Affiliated companies

  • Subsidiaries88
  • Associated companies9
  • (as of March 31, 2019)

Main Products Handled

  • Health & Medical  
  • Prescription Medicines Drugs for epilepcy, metabolic disorders, Hypercholesterolemia, cardiac / renal diseases, hypertension / angina pectoris, chronic liver diseases, immune disease (allergy), glaucoma / ocular hypertension, asthma, type 2 diabetes, agents to improve oral osmotic diuresis and Meniere’s disease, serum potassium inhibitor, etc.
  • Medical equipment Intraocular lenses, retinal cameras, slit lamps, laser flare meters, tonometers, diopsimeters, glaucoma surgery devices, etc.
  • OTC drugs General gastrointestinal medicine, intestinal regulator, common cold medicine, therapeutic drug for rhinitis, multivitamins, topical analgesic, etc.
  • Quasi drugs Gastrointestinal relief liquid (stomachic tonic), moisturizing cream, etc.
  • Hygiene goods Masks, shoe insoles, braces, repellent for indoor and outdoor space, disposable body warmer, etc.
  • Health food Dietary supplement, dietary supplement (with JHFA* mark), functional food, coffee drinks, etc.
    *JHFA=Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association
  • Environment & Energy conservation LED lighting, renewable energy power generation systems, plant cultivation related products, lenses for surveillance cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, video equipment for businesses, etc.
  • General Trading Automatic packing machines, drug manufacturing machines, tablets / powder testers, sterilizers, general industrial machinery, active pharmaceutical intermediates & ingredients, cosmetic ingredients, raw materials for resin and coating, fertilizer, variety of industrial chemicals, activated carbon & charcoal, coal, variety of vessels, facility equipment for thermal power plant, DC (direct current) power supply system, ceramic tile & raw materials for ceramic industry, natural stone & pebble, glass-made building material, fats & oils, food ingredients & additives, processed food & liquor, etc.
  • Lifestyle Business Textile raw material, fabric, knits, fashion apparel, accesories, fishing tools, etc.
  • Service Business Remote control / surveillance system, hotel business, insurance agency business, department store business, distribution center operation management, etc.
  • Community Development Dealings in real estate (Trade/Lease), regional development, etc.