CSRCorporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Health


The Kowa Group will continue to keep people healthy and improve medical care by developing new medications, providing health-related information, and other activities. We also understand that improving our employees’ health is an important issue in corporate management and we will strive to make improvements in health issues.

Promoting R&D and innovation

01 Kowa Company, Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division

We are engaged in research and development of revolutionary new medications in our laboratories in Japan and the U.S.

Kowa Company, Ltd. Pharmaceutical division

02 Kowa Life Science Foundation

We have established the Kowa Life Science Foundation to support basic research and other studies.

Kowa Life Science Foundation

03 Quality control

We work hard to ensure the quality and safety of our medications.

Production, Quality Assurance & Safety Management

Providing health information, activities to support health

01 TV program

We provide information useful for staying healthy through media such as the TV program “Genki-no-Jikan” (Time for Health).

TV program Genki no Jikan

02 Supporting educational activities for disease prevention

We sponsor “Light up in Green” for World Glaucoma Week.

Activity of Light-up in Green!

We sponsor activities in Japan for World Diabetes Day.

World Diabetes Day

03 Sports Yell Company

We are certified as a “Sports Yell Company” by the Japan Sports Agency.

Sports Yell Company

04 Employee health management

We provide employee health checkups to detect diseases earlier. For employees who are at risk of developing diabetes or other lifestyle-related diseases, we provide guidance in cooperation with the corporate health insurance association to improve their lifestyles and prevent their diseases from becoming more severe.

Health management of employees