Environmental policy of Tokyo New Drug Research Laboratories


Tokyo New Drug Research Laboratories of Kowa Company, Limited regards global environmental preservation and the health of the humankind as the most important issues. Accordingly, we continue our untiring efforts toward the realization of sustainable development with the aim of achieving harmony between the medical production contributing to human health and global environmental preservation, philosophy" with an eye on the earth and the future"


Tokyo New Drug Research Laboratories of Kowa Company, Limited is located in one of the few regions in Tokyo, in which the natural environment of Musashino still remains, and is engaged in the business of research and development of medical products, drug discovery and development of medical equipments. At this site we shall establish the following concrete policy to promote global environmentally friendly research and development, drug discovery, so as to pass on this great environment to future generations.

  • 1. We shall establish an environmental management system with the participation of all employees to work toward prevention and improvements in environmental pollution through our business activities.
  • 2. We shall comply with environment-related laws and other requirements agreed to by this site.
  • 3. We shall realize environmental preservation by protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, dealing with global warming, utilizing sustainable resources, and preventing environmental pollution.
  • 4. We shall promote continual improvements in environment performance by establishing and implementing environmental objectives/targets shown below to realize our policy. These environmental objectives/targets shall be reviewed periodically and revised as required. ・We shall strive to appropriately manage chemical substances and animals and plants in order to prevent environmental pollution and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. ・We shall make progress of saving energy, reducing wastes, and recycling from the view of lifecycle. ・We shall make progress of efficient drug production by improving operations in order to produce and develop ethical drugs. ・We shall make progress of efficient product research by improving operations on the basis of advanced technologies of medical and health care equipments.
  • 5. We shall live together within the community by promoting a tree-planting campaign for environmental clean-up and by participating in environmental preservation activities of the community.