Environmental policy of Nagoya factory


The Kowa Group regards global environmental preservation as the most important issue to human beings. Accordingly, we continue our untiring efforts toward the realization of sustainable development with the aim of achieving harmony between the business activities of each Group-member Company and global environmental preservation, under the Kowa Group environmental philosophy" with an eye on the earth and the future”.


This plant is located in a calm residential area in the northern part of Nagoya, and we have a business objective of contributing to people’s health by manufacturing pharmaceuticals. We shall establish the following concrete policies to promote environmentally friendly business activities, as well as environmental preservation activities, so as to pass on this great environment to future generations.

  • 1. We shall establish an environmental management system with the participation by all employees to work toward the continual improvements and the prevention of environmental pollution through our business activities.
  • 2. Promoting the compliance system based on the Kowa Group's Code of Behavior, we shall comply with environment-related laws and other requirements agreed by Nagoya Factory, and shall coexist with the community.
  • 3. We shall promote improvements on environmental aspects, by establishing and implementing environmental objectives and targets shown below, to realize our environmental policy. These environmental objectives and targets shall be reviewed periodically and revised as required. Control of chemical substances adequately to prevent environmental pollution. Promote energy-saving activities to reduce global warming. Promote wastes reductions and recycling to make effective use of resources. Promote activities beneficial to the global environment.
  • 4. We shall distribute environmental policy in the form of pamphlets and posting on notice boards in our factory to make it known to all employees and our stake holders.
  • 5. We make our environmental policy public upon request from outside of the factory as well as in the Kowa Group's home page.