Environmental policy of Fuji Site


The Fuji Site, which is located in the beautiful environment surrounded by Tagonoura and Mt. Fuji, has a business objective of contributing to people's health through the manufacturing and R&D of pharmaceuticals. At this site, we shall establish the following concrete policies to promote environmentally friendly business activities, as well as environmental preservation activities, so as to pass on this great environment to future generations.

  • 1. We shall establish an environmental management system with the participation by all employees to work toward prevention and improvements in environmental pollution through our business activities.
  • 2. We shall comply with environment-related laws and other requirements agreed to by this site and prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution.
  • 3. We shall promote continual improvements in environmental loads by establishing and implementing environmental objectives/targets shown below to realize our policy. These environmental objectives/targets shall be reviewed periodically and revised as required. ・Control of chemical substances adequately to prevent environmental pollution. ・Promote energy-saving activities including electricity and fuels to reduce global warming. ・Promote wastes reductions and recycling and make effective use of resources. ・Promote activities to achieve better environment with beneficial environmental impact.
  • 4. We shall live together within the community by promoting a tree-planting campaign for environmental clean up and by participating in environmental preservation activities of the community.
  • 5. We shall distribute environmental policy in the form of an electronic medium or pamphlet to make them known to all employees.
  • 6. We shall even disclose environmental policy to the public on demand.